Atlanta Krog Street Tunnels

The Culture-Defining Music Scene in Atlanta

“The Atlanta music scene has been one of the most culture-defining in the country, making an impact on the industry that can rival other major cities like Brooklyn or Los Angeles. Atlanta, the cultural capital of the south, is home to some of the most unique and cutting edge artists in the music industry. The city is brimming with incredibly talented musicians and producers who dabble in all sorts of genres from hip-hop and bluegrass, to indie rock.”

Authenticity over Perfection

The Mindset of the Artist

“I challenge students to be the most authentic and real versions of themselves, pulling from life experiences (with sensitivity), finding subjects and messages they are passionate about, and working to take this craft they are passionate about to form something meaningful and real. It is about taking the gift you are given and providing a relevant and meaningful service of communicating and connecting with your audience.”