Hear from some of our clients about their experiences with lessons in singing, acting and music.

We are driven by our client's satisfaction and success. We started recently selecting a client each month for a "client spotlight". Here are several of these spotlights as we celebrate their talent and commitment to the arts.

Client Spotlights

IAPS Talent

Meet Brian

I study vocals, and on-stage performance with IAPS. I’m an actor, model, musician, singer and songwriter I’ve played live in numerous bars and nightclubs in the Atlanta area, and my goal is to tour with my band, James Bahn Mi in mid 2022.

Meet Calin

My name is Calin and I take Piano and Guitar lessons. Growing up I always participated in sports but 3 years ago I was shot by a stray bullet when I was 12. I started teaching myself how to play the piano and I told my mom I wanted to take piano lessons and that’s when she found Mr. Jeff. I began lessons and I loved it. I also started to play the guitar. I feel that God always has a plan for your life. I was able to explore talents I never knew I had and being with Inner Artist Performance Studios has taught me great things. I currently make beats for artist and my plans are to be come a producer. I want to thank IAPS for starting me off on my journey.

Meet Ally

I am taking singing lessons and acting lessons. My goal is to better myself as a performer. My experience has been great! Both Paden and Nick are super knowledgeable and talented. They are so fun to work with!

Meet Alexandria

I’m a 22 year old pop/r&b singer. I’m looking to take my artistry to the next level with songwriting and guitar playing. I hope to one day be making a living off of my music!

Meet Jacky

My goal is to be able to use this training to help give my lyrics wings on the instrumental. I want to be able to know what my voice is and what exactly makes it unique. What I am mostly working on in my classes with Jeff is how to control my voice, and feel the notes. Being able to recognize where the note sits in my body to so I can be one step ahead at all times.

Meet Sienna

Working on set as an extra for the first time has been an amazing and more informative experience than I ever thought it would be. I’ve gotten to meet and work with people I’ve only ever seen and heard on television, and get paid for it. I’ve also met some really great people in the extras and acting community that I never would’ve connected with otherwise. So far, this is my favorite job I’ve ever worked. I've just gotten started, and I can’t wait for more acting opportunities!

Meet Xolani

My experience with Mr. Tarver has been really good. He really helps me advance as a pianist and I’m getting better every day thanks to Mr. Tarver. I have played the songs Malagueña, Canon in D and Moonlight Sonata.

Meet Kai

My name’s Kai. Think we’ve been studying for close to two months now. The study has been smooth. We study mostly jazz which is my favorite. I see improvements after every session and every week. Thanks for helping me learn more about my voice. My biggest goal for the future is singing in public. I think that’s going to happen sooner than later.

Meet Michelle

I have been singing my whole life, but lost sight of the importance of good technique once I reached my teens. Music is so important to me and I want to make sure I have set a good foundation for myself to build off of. I want to build off of the powerful voice I already have and refine it into the singer I can potentially be to start my journey. My coach, Paden Bell, has been helping me along this journey and, 4 lessons in, I already feel so comfortable with her. She has helped me grow my voice and find my sound tremendously in the short time we have had together with techniques that focus on compartmentalizing my voice and developing my own, individual sound. I am so excited for the rest of my journey with her. In school, I am study economics along with a possible minor in physics and music. I hope to combine these studies with music. Thank you!

  •   My daughter had her first ever singing lesson with Jeff and she loved it. She felt comfortable and had fun! We will be working with him again!

    Kezia B.

      So far my interactions with Inner Artist Performance have been great. You can tell the company is full of knowledgeable, dedicated people. I look forward to working with them.

    William J.

      Very quick to respond and address my question. Even late at night around midnight. Looking forward to lessons.

    Piyush D.
  •   The talk was amazing. He was very informative about what needed to be done for me to move in the right direction. I look forward to working with him in the future!

    Egypt B.

      So far so good! It was great talking with Jeff he seems like he enjoys what he does and wants the best for his clients. Very informative, and responsive time is awesome! I can't wait to begin my lessons!!

    Marie D.

      I appreciate the kindness and the integral response

    Sasha G.
  •   Jeff is very nice and felt comfortable around him. As the description says he does send you mp3 to practice and a list of songs that he thinks you might like to work on and gives you the choice to work on something you like as well. He is very talented and good at what he does!

    Maria M.

      Amazing session with Jeff!! I am looking forward to our next lesson.

    Drake S.

      I had a great phone consultation! Jeff is very informative and active in the music community. Excited to see what lessons have to offer!

    Samantha R.
  •   Jeff Tarver is super talented!! Incredibly professional and knows exactly what he's doing. I'd recommend him to anyone in need of voice or acting lessons

    Khadija n.

      Jeff was very professional and responded quickly. He made me feel confident about starting classes. I cant wait to start my lessons with him

    Terionah P.

      My daughter went for her first voice lesson with Jeff. It was great! Jeff was very professional and made her feel confident. We are getting a package 🤩

    Liat A.
  •   Great customer service. Responded quickly.

    Shamena C.

      I contacted him. He immediately emailed me back. I like him already because he does a free consultation, over the phone, to taylor the lessons to fit the students need. I have yet to have my consultation, but I appreciate him getting back to me. The response time was remarkable.

    Elona P.

      Really available ! Don’t hesitate

    Sally T.
  •   Thee most understanding man ever! Please don’t be like me and miss your first 2 lessons. The greatest thing is Jeff T is Just Terrific!! First consultation over the phone set a very exciting productive and driven with a purpose tone. He is honest while inspiring HOPE AND INSIGHTFUL WAYS THAT CAN MAKE AN UP AND COMING SINGER LIKE MYSELF SEEM TO SEE THE LIGJT AND THE WAY. He listens and answers my questions thoughtful. HE IS IM CONVINCED A GATEWAY TO MY NEXT CAREER HIGHTS AND MY NEW SUCCESSFUL MILESTONES MUSICALLY!

    He is everything music. And has so much to offer. I recommend this Co!!

    Shermel C.

      Jeff took my needs seriously and was very helpful and informative

    Ally V.

      So far my experience has been great! Responded very fast and are very professional.

    Ashley G.
  •   Very quick response! I look forward to what’s next.

    Khadija M.

      Great Lesson!

    Alan F.
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