Frequently Asked Questions

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Digital lessons are different than in studio lessons. However, our studio has invested in ZOOM’s most expensive and professional platform for businesses. This assures that the sound quality and overall user experience is the highest. There are also benefits to digital or ZOOM courses, such as recording parts of your lessons, as well as the coach’s ability to share their screen with you directly to share content. 

Digital lessons are held over the ZOOM video chat platform. You do not need a ZOOM account to access the courses. The day before your scheduled session, you will receive an email link to log in, which also serves as a reminder. Follow the email link to log-in at the time of your course.

As we are a specialist studio, we do not believe in group lessons. We do offer monthly masterclasses in group settings, however your private study will be only you and your coach.

We are very sensitive to the varying finances of each client and family we work with. There is financial aid available to any student or family upon application. 

This is a unique part of IAPS – You do not have to pay for another course to study it! You will simply select the coach that specializes in both areas of your interest. You can then split your lessons according to the course you are wanting to study.

Example: Some students will have a one hour session and split the first half with voice and the second half with piano. In addition, all of our coaches are available to work collaboratively. You may work with one of more of our coaches during your month of sessions.

All sessions come with a career/industry component at no additional cost to the client. This service is provided for our clients seeking professional work within the industry. Our career/industry component services to directly help clients with resume building, headshots, audition searches, and discovering more about working in the industry. We will walk you through the entire process of preparing for a career, in addition to directly finding auditions most fit for your style and goal-set.