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Learn to play guitar from the comfort of your home. New subscribers get 50% off the first month.

Guitar Styles We Teach

Our studio teaches modern guitar techniques. We specialize in rock n’ roll and blues guitar. Enroll today, and we’ll have you playing along to your favorite rock songs or blues licks in a matter of no time!

Why Learn With Us

Everyone has an inner artist. IAPS wants to help all of our students discover it. That’s why we are so committed to delivering a superior experience. Our online guitar lessons are always one-on-one, so you will get the personalized attention you deserve as a student. We are here to help your inner artist grow.

Online Guitar Lessons With IAPS

Our online guitar lessons are open to students of all ages and skill levels. No prior experience with guitar is necessary to get started at our studio. Whether you need to learn the basics first or just want to hone your craft as a more experienced guitarist, IAPS is here to help you reach your goals.

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Learn Music Theory

Learning music theory is the best way to understand your instrument and music as a whole. During your online guitar lessons, you will learn how to navigate the fretboard, play scales, and use other techniques to strengthen your playing. Once you have mastered some music theory knowledge, you can start improvising the guitar solos of your dreams!

Get Performance Tips

Is your first gig coming up? Don’t let stage fright get you down. As an experienced industry professional, our guitar coach will make sure you have all the training you need to give a stunning performance.

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We’re ready for you. Book your first lesson with our experienced guitar coach today.

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