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Never Too Late To Learn

IAPS helps students of all ages and abilities reach their full potential. Book a lesson with one of our professional coaches today and start your journey!

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What Sets Us Apart

At IAPS, we are invested in the success of all of our students. Our mission is helping you grow as an artist, which is why we go above and beyond to ensure each lesson suits your individual needs.

Online Piano Lessons With IAPS

Our online piano lessons are open to students of all ages and abilities. We don't require any prior experience to enroll. In other words, we’ll teach you everything you need to know.

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Make Reading Music Easy

Don’t know how to read music? Don’t worry, we can teach you! This is a great place to start for beginners. We’ll teach you the basics of reading music so you can learn all of your favorite songs.

Be An Artist At Any Level

At IAPS, we teach artistry from the beginning. Starting with your very first session, we’ll help you grow and develop as a musician to meet your full potential. 

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Get Personalized Lessons

Our coaches will help you identify areas for improvement and work with you in ways that suit your individual learning style. Maybe you need to spend time sight reading or improving your aural skills. Maybe you’re a brand new performer looking to boost your skills on stage. No matter what you need, IAPS is here to help.

Book Your First Lesson Today

Ready to get started? Whether you need help with learning the basics or honing your advanced technique, we are here for you. Learn from one of our brilliant coaches.

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