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Express Yourself Through Song

If you already sing or play an instrument, you might be curious about writing your own songs. Learning the art of songwriting can transform your career as a musician. Book online songwriting lessons with IAPS today and get started expressing your creative vision. We’ll teach you everything you need to know.

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Study With An Expert

All coaches at IAPS are industry experts. When you book online songwriting lessons with us, you’re getting top-quality instruction from an experienced professional. Our lessons are also individualized, so you’ll have your coach’s full attention every time.

Online Songwriting Lessons With IAPS

Writing your own songs doesn’t have to be overwhelming. We will help you master the building blocks of songwriting during our sessions.

learn how to write lyrics with online songwriting lessons

Writing Lyrics

Need a catchy hook? Our coaches can help you come up with something memorable. We can also teach you how to choose a theme and direction for your lyrics.

Choosing The Right Chords

Chords are one of the most essential parts of any song, but many aspiring songwriters have a hard time choosing chords that sound good together. When you take online songwriting lessons with IAPS, you will learn how to choose the right chord progression to get the sound you want.

learn how to create melodies with online songwriting lessons

Creating Melodies

No song is complete without a great melody. Coming up with the perfect melody can be difficult, but IAPS can help. Our lessons will teach you how to create a melody that will have people humming all day.

Never Too Late To Start

Students of all ages and skill levels love our online songwriting lessons. If you want to share original songs with the world, it’s never too late. Get started today.

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