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Launch Your Career In The Arts

Breaking into the industry can be difficult, but we’re here to help. IAPS is dedicated to providing you with the resources you need to find gigs and performance opportunities. We have a presence in many of the major entertainment markets, such as New York, California, and Atlanta. We’ll leverage our connections to help you get your big break.

Real Experience, Real Experts

All of the coaches at IAPS are professionals who understand the entertainment industry. They’ve been in your shoes before, so they know how to help. When you sign up for our talent services, you get advice from experts.

IAPS Talent Services

We offer career advice in a variety of areas. If you need guidance, our team is glad to discuss any of the following topics.

talent services to help you build artistry in any instrument

Building Yourself As An Artist

We want to help you build your inner artist, so you can stand out from the competition! Our talent services team can teach you how to leverage your greatest strengths and develop the areas that need a little more work.

Curating Your Portfolio

Keeping your portfolio up to date keeps you relevant in the industry. If you’re about to start looking for work, let us know. We will help you polish your resume and curate a portfolio that suits the trends and desires of the current employment market.

talent services to help you find jobs
talent services to help you book gigs

Booking Opportunities

We do our best to help students find casting calls, gigs, and performance opportunities. Follow our studio’s Instagram page to stay informed about chances to kickstart your career.

Prepare For Auditions

Our coaches will help you choose the right material so you can maximize your chances of success. We’ll teach you how to “be in the moment” and recognize what the auditor wants.

talent services - audition prep

The Advice You Need To Succeed

Have questions? We have answers. Reach out to IAPS today and learn how to build your dream career in the entertainment industry.

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