Discover Your Inner Artist

Take your skills to the next level with Inner Artist Performance Studios' platform for virtual learning. From music lessons, acting lessons, and talent services - We've got you covered.

Discover Your Inner Artist

Learn how to sing, play an instrument, write songs, dance, and more from the comfort of your own home. IAPS offers music lessons online to students of all ages.

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Our Clients

For every age and level, Inner Artist Performance Studios has created an all-inclusive program of virtual learning. We don't just teach your how to be a well-rounded musician or artist; We teach you to succeed.

Clients Featured and Placement:

- International Talent Competitions

- Film and Screen

- The Juilliard School, Manhatten School of Music, London Academy of Dramatic Art, UCLA

Why Take Music Lessons Online?


Don’t let location limit your dreams. You or your child can study with brilliant teachers regardless of where you live, which is helpful if you do not live near one of the entertainment industry centers. Studying online opens up a fantastic variety of options. At IAPS, you’re sure to find a coach who specializes in your area of interest. 

Virtual lessons also cut the commute out of the equation. Sticking with your studies becomes easier than ever when you can learn from home. You’ll save time and money when you take lessons with IAPS.

About Us:


IAPS offers top-notch music lessons online through Zoom. Geography doesn’t matter to us. No matter where you are, you can study music, acting, dance, or songwriting with our accomplished staff. We are headquartered in Atlanta, but we provide lessons to the entire country.

follow your dreams with online music lessons

We'll Help You Follow Your Dreams


Our training style connects you with regular performance opportunities. You should be able to showcase your talent and hard work, so we offer free casting calls to all students.

If you are making a career out of your passion, we also provide talent services for aspiring or current professionals. IAPS has connections in Atlanta, New York City, and California.


Have you always wanted to learn how to sing and act? IAPS is different from other studios because we do not believe in limiting students to a single path. When you subscribe to us, you get access to any course you want to take. Feel free to mix and match when you choose from our catalog.

Piano Lessons

virtual piano lessons

In person piano lessons

Acting Lessons

film, theatre, and voiceover

in person acting lessons

Guitar Lessons

virtual guitar lessons

contemporary guitar

Talent Services

build a career

booking assistance

Singing Lessons

virtual singing lessons

every age, level, and style

.. and More!

songwriting, audition prep.

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