Why We Do What We Do

By Jeff Tarver. Lead Coach and Studio Owner.

Our mission has always been the success of each client. We take pride in seeing our clients grow, advance in their fields, and above all – develop a greater love for the art of creating. Whether a student in in singing lessons or the in depth talent services we offer, it is a thrilling experience to help students unleash more of their identity in their performance and artistry.

We understand that many vocal coaches and the industry can be critical for students who don’t achieve the unrealistic goal of “perfection”. At Inner Artist Performance Studios, we continually thrive to inform students that authenticity simply and must always come over the ideal of “perfection”. Fame is not the goal, but instead to develop a greater love of your passion, inspire audiences, and communicate fearlessly.

When we see our clients unlock these elements of their creative selves, in any of our courses, this reminds us why we developed this business. It is a mission we have to develop this “safe space” of creation for all. At Inner Artist Performance Studios, each client is taught that the greatest talent is the talent each diversely brings to the table.